1st Signal Brigade Aviation Detachment Republic of Vietnam 1971

(formerly 2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment)

Aviation Detachment

Historical Summary


In November 1968, the Aviation Detachment was assigned to the 2nd Signal Group and moved from Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base, near Saigon, to their present home at Long Thanh North Army Airfield.


In late 1968, the Detachment possessed four UH-1D helicopters and three U-6A and one U-1A fixed wing aircraft. The Detachment consisted of 7 officers, 8 warrant officers and 38 enlisted men.


Between August 1969 and July 1970, the Detachment was commanded by Major Robert D. Price of Columbus, Georgia. During this period the Detachment turned in all UH-1D model helicopters and was issued a total of ten UH-1H helicopters and eight U-21A fixed wing aircraft. The U-21’s were outfitted with radio relay equipment that was designed specifically for the mission, making the Detachment’s U-21’s the only ones in the Army’s inventory equipped for that purpose. During the same period an extensive radio relay mission was conducted in the vicinity of Pleiku in support of the Special Forces.


In July 1970, Major Thomas G. Randall assumed command of the Detachment. From August 1970 until December 1970, the Detachment constructed a hanger utilizing its’ own personnel in a ‘Self-help’ type project. The construction of the hanger provided a suitable facility to perform maintenance of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Prior to this time, maintenance was performed in the revetments.


In December 1970, Major Robert P. Brokaw, Jr. assumed command of the Detachment. In early 1971, the unit received its’ only U-8F, one of two in the Republic of Vietnam. This aircraft is utilized mostly for VIP support missions. Extensive radio relay missions were flown during the period in the northern I Corp Sector of the country.


From May 1971, until August 1971, the Detachment was commanded by CPT John D. Dixon. In August 1971, CPT Alex Woods Jr assumed command of the Detachment. The 2nd Signal Group deactivated during this period and the Aviation Detachment was redesignated as the 1st Signal Brigade Aviation Detachment (Prov).


November 1971


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