Before mailing your entry, please : Mail completed entries to:
  • Complete entry, specify show date, & sign entry.
  • Enclose copy of current negative coggins.
  • Enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope (or indicate e-mail) for ride times.
  • Enclose all fees (include $5.00 late fee if postmarked after closing date)
  • Make checks payable to : Dun-Pikin Farm
Debbie Ernest
8356 Forest Drive
Pasadena, MD 21122

Questions? Call the barn (410) 255-3918 or e-mail the show secretary at:

Horse: Show Date:
Rider:  Age (under 18): Phone:
Address: City:
State: Zip: E-Mail:
Dressage Only: ($20.00/per test)
Introductory Test 1 _______ Training Level 1 _______ Training Level 3 _______
Introductory Test 2 _______ Training Level 2 _______  Training Level 4 _______
First Level Test 1 _______ First Level Test 3 _______  First Level MFS _______
First Level Test 2 _______ First Level Test 4 _______
Combined Test: ($35.00/division)
Introductory _______  Baby Novice _______ Pre-Novice _______ Novice _______
Late Fee ($5.00) _________ TOTAL FEES: _______
** Are you bringing a trailer larger than 2-horse? ________________

I/We recognize that there are inherent risks and dangers relating to horses and horse shows. In consideration of Dun-Pikin Farm accepting our application to participate in this show, we hereby agree to assume all risks associated therewith and do hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dun-Pikin Farm, its agents, servants, and employees, for all causes of action, including negligence, which may accrue as a result of any damage or injury to me, us or our property.

Signature:__________________________________________Entrant/Rider Date: __________

(Parent/Guardian signature if under 18 years)

Emergency Contact: _____________________________________Phone: ____________________

Relationship to Participant: ________________________________

Horse Owner:___________________________________________Phone: ____________________

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