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Dun-Pikin Farm

Frequently Asked Questions about Riding Lessons

How often are riding lessons normally taken?
You will make the most progress if you ride at least once per week.  Depending on your goals and time available you may want to ride more often. Depending on your riding skill level you may be able to take advantage of leasing a horse for additional practice time. Talk with your instructor.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, they are required for all riders both adult and children. We do have loaner helmets available. Many riders eventually purchase their own helmets. Your instructor can recommend where to get one and what type of helment you might want to purchase.

What should I wear for my lessons?
We require that all riders wear a boot with a heel. Keep in mind that your boots will probably get dirty or muddy at some point. You should wear comfortable long pants. Most folks wear jeans or leggings. Sweat pants are also popular attire. NO SHORTS please! Dress for the weather and comfort.

How long must I be in private lessons before I can move to semi-private or group lessons?
Riders progress at their individual rates. You must develop certain skills before your instructor will allow you to move on to riding with others in a group. We try to have riders in a group who ride at similar skill levels so group availability varies. Discuss this with your instructor as you progress.

Does Dun-Pikin offer the opportunity to ride in shows?
We have in-house fun shows occasionally for our weekly riders. If you are interested in participating in off-site shows such as dressage, or eventing you should discuss this with your instructor and and set goals. We can provide coaching, trailering and horse leasing for those who want to ride in shows (additional fees apply.) Discuss this with your instructor as this is subject to scheduling and availabilty of the instructor. We require any riders who want to show off-site to ride at least twice per week.

Can I bring a treat to feed my lesson horse?
We have horse treats which you can feed your horse after grooming and untacking your horse. You may also want to bring your own treats such as carrots, apples, peppermints, and sugar cubes. Just a little bit though as a reward. Our horses and ponies are well fed and healthy. Help us keep them that way by not overdoing it!

Are there bathroom facilities?
Yes, there is a clean port-a-pot with hand sanitizer area.

Can we bring treats to feed the animals?
Yes, the ponies like carrots, apples, peppermints and sugar cubes. Please only give ponies treats with staff supervision. Please inquire about what would be appropriate to feed the other farm animals.

When is payment due and what type of payments do you accept?
Lessons are normally paid monthly, but for an additional fee we will accept pay-as-you-go payments each week. See our fee schedule for details. We accept cash, check, money order or credit card. We process credit cards on-site via PayPal cell phone ap. You can pay online via a link on our website. See below.


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