This story was first published in the Anteater, the newsletter of the Terrapin Trail Club during my college days in the Spring of 1975.

First Annual 37 mile Dayhike

 On Sunday, April 13 at 8 AM, six of us set out from the town of PenMar on the Pennsylvania/Maryland line with the intention of reaching Virginia before the day was done. Paulette Wood volunteered to meet us at various checkpoints along the way so we only had to carry a bare minimum of equipment (water, snacks, jacket and foot care items). From the beginning there were two groups – the “speedy” group of Bob Enagonio, Mark and myself, and the “slow but steady” group of Karen Loomis, Mark Trent and Roy Hunter.

 The results of this endeavor are as follows: Bob crossed the Virginia line at 8:20 pm, I pulled in about 15 minutes behind him and Roy was about 30 minutes behind me. The others were done in at various points along the way by blisters, sore muscles and other assorted injuries (everyone hiked at least 17 miles). All the hikers were in various stages of pain and stiffness. Injuries ranged from blisters (including bloody ones) to hip joints that felt like they were coming out of place, to knees that cried, “Help!” with every step. It was challenging and fun. Really!

 Some tips for future attemptees: the slow steady method of hiking with constant attention to foot care will probably produce the least injuries. The speedy method is hard on the feet – if you have tough feet, try it! Consume plenty of water and energy food to keep up your strength.  Bring a flashlight, you may have to hike after dark (ask Roy what it was like coming down Weaverton Cliffs in the dark.) Downhill is hard on the knees – any suggestions on how to eliminate this problem are welcome. Frequent checkpoints are helpful, especially for those who can’t make the whole distance because of injuries. Checkpoints are also very tempting places to “quit” – willpower to overcome this urge is essential. Keep on Truckin’.

 Thanks to Paulette for her help and her leather sandwich.


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