The farm is no longer in operation as a produce farm. We are converting to an equestrian enterprise. For details see the Dun - Pikin Farm page. The produce farm operation was a big part of our lives for 17 years. These pages will remain as a chronicle of those memories. You can also check out the Farm Photo Album.

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Holt's Farm is a small farm, but our goal is to have a big impact on our community by providing fresh local grown produce and plants, a friendly place to visit and a little bit of country in our suburban surroundings. We hope to see you 'Down on the farm!'

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About the Farm

Holt's Produce Farm is owned and operated by Cindy and Rick Holt. We're located in Pasadena, Maryland on Mountain Road next to Chesapeake High School. We grow a variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit and offer it for sale at our roadside market. Our farm has been in the family since just after the turn of the century. Cindy's grandfather, John Ellison, had a truck farm here and eventually a roadside market.

In the 1970's the county took a good portion of the farm to build a huge school complex. What is left of the farm is now nestled on the edge of this complex. Cindy and Rick took over the farm operation in the early 1980's.

The farm is no longer as large as it was when Grandfather Ellison grew vegetables here. We were left with only about 5 tillable acres. This acreage along with some neighbor's has been enough to keep us going on the 'part-time' basis that we operate. The farm is not our primary source of income, since I work full-time off the farm, but it is a bit mis-leading to call it a 'part-time' operation. Cindy works full-time on the farm and hires several employees.

We also depend a lot on family labor with parents, children, cousins, aunts and uncles that help out regularly. It is truely a family farm, since without the tremendous generosity and assistance of our families we would not now be the proud owners of the farm.

To contact us write, call or email:

Holt's Produce Farm
4808 Mountain Road
Pasadena, Maryland 21122

Phone: 410-255-3918

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