Hey everyone ! This is another edition of the Meadow Lark Farm newsletter . We have lots of classified ads this time and a helpline ad . For the classified ads if you see someone else's name after the ad *please * don't send your reply to me , Send it to the persons name who is under the ad . Same for the helpline .

I know a lot of you guys have been asking about your SAHF horses. All of them are doing fine and are on the road to a steady recovery . I will post a message on which horses are ready to be taken home as soon as I can .

That's about it for now I hope you like this news letter and I also hope that it helps you out .


HORSES WANTED--un-named or un-registered horses. Warmbloods only, please. Contact Sara Cook at 73074.726

HORSES 4 SALE--1 stallion, 2 colts, 3 mares, {5 warmbloods, 1 morgan}. Contact Sara Cook at 73074.726 P.S.--Horses will not be for sale until April 30.

BREEDINGS WANTED--Warmblood Stallions. Contact Sara Cook at 73074.726 by April 25.

QUESTION--Can I change the name of my barn? If so, to Bush Gardens? Contact Sara Cook at 73074.726.

STALLION WANTED--I'm looking for a good paint stallion, not one made up at the spur of the moment, but one's that's been around for at least a week Liz Fisher 74124,747

LOOK HERE--Racecourse, show ring, and other various showing areas available. Also, horse boarding and good care and food. Reply to Jerilyn at 102573,2006.

WANTED--I need a hackney breeding/showing stallion, preferably light grey or white, but any color will do. If you have one, send him to: The Ol' Hick'ry Tree or contact Jerilyn at 102573,2006. I will give him a good home and a lovely mate! (grin) Reply to Jerylin at 102573,2006

FOR SALE--Echo Creek stables has prime arab , TB , and Qh horses up for stud . Contact Fran Sawyer - 102012,1137

WANTED : Saddle bred mare at least 3 years of age contact Fran Sawyer : - 102012,1137


From Fran sawyer Echo Creek Stables :
Was Kemosabie a Arab ??
Contact Fran Sawyer : 102012,1137

From Liz Fisher :
Any ideas on how to keep your back flat over jumps ?
Contact Liz Fisher : 74124,747

That's all for this edition of MLF newsletter ! Gotta Gallop !

Katie Holt, 

Meadow Lark Farm
Lost Horse Foundation
Jockey Club
Save Abused Horse Foundation

P.S - Don't forget to send in things for classified and help Line !

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