Spring Fling 2004

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Welcome to Dun-Pikin Farm

Entrance lane

In a hurry

Little guys 3 legged race

Picking a prize

Making a craft

Horse dad

3 legged racers

Put the carrot in the bottle

Still trying to put the carrot in the bottle

Crafts are fun

Talking business

Close up crafters

Pin the tail on the ...

Pin the tail on the ...

Winning technique...

3 legger racers in the barrels

Watching is fun too

Waiting for the egg hunters


The food table

Horses relaxing

Finally it's food time

Chowing down

Nifty crafts

Where's the kids?

Everybody luvs Max

I really luv Max

I really really luv Max


The prize table

3 legged race

Megan wraps some legs for the 3 legged race