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Family portrait. Rick was a forest ranger at Elk Neck State Forest and Darlene was a park naturalist at Elk Neck State Park this summer, 1978 I think.

Rick and mother nature

This trailer was my home for the 3 years I worked as a forest ranger at Elk Neck State Forest. I eventually painted it green and brown.

Rick changing oil in HD16 Dozer. His first assignment as a forest ranger at Elk Neck State Forest.

Rick as "Smokey Bear" in local parade. 1978?

Ranger Rick leads a nature hike at Patapsco Valley State Park. 1980.

Ranger Rick Holt leads a bird walk at Patapsco State Park 1981

Ranger Rick Holt (left) prepares to show Ranger Dave Dionne what he can do with a shovel full of snow. Early 1980's.

Ranger Rick Holt shovels some snow off the info center deck. Early 1980's.

Rick at a Downs Park Volunteer awards ceremony held at the old Berger's Colonial Restaurant on Mountain Road.

Ranger Rick Holt and Breakfast with the Birds

Ranger Rick Holt (left) and Jim Lowe (first Downs Park Superintenent)

A slim Ranger Rick in the early 1980's.

Ranger Rick Holt, Mrs. Catherine Parsons and her husband in Mother's Garden. Early 1980's.

Ranger Rick Holt at the info desk. (Mid 1980's)

Ranger Rick Holt in the info center office area. Mid 1980's

Ranger Rick in search of the yellow-billed cuckoo. 1988.

Relaxing back at the farm before going to work. Late 1980's.

Cindy Slater, Superintendent Rick Holt (center), Eileen Smith (right) after a dip in the reflecting pool at Quiet Waters Park after the dedication.

Superintendent Rick Holt (pre-Atkins 8-)) at the 15th Anniversary Celebration.

Superintendent Rick Holt hard at work. Early 1990's.

Director of Recreation and Parks Dennis Callahan congratulates Superintendent Rick Holt at the 15th Anniversary of Downs Park.

Rick Holt (left) gathers with Downs Park and Recreation and Parks staff for a photo op at our 15th anniversary celebration.

Ranger Bob Hicks (left), Rick in the drivers seat. Horsing around at an event.

Bob Hicks, Rick Holt, Dave DeVault, Eileen Smith, Dennis Cloutier, Miss Sheri. Taken at a volunteer banquet held at Mt. Carmel Church. Hawian theme.

Early 1990's?

Ranger Rick Holt, the pupeteer.

Ranger Rick Holt

Superintendent Rick Holt presents awards to concert sponsors. 1993.

Park Superintendent Rick Holt (right) receives award for his internet efforts from Thomas Angelis, Director (left)

and Jay Cuccia, Chief of Specialized Facilities.

Rick Holt presents Volunteer of the Year Award to Marie Bailey.

Ranger Rick seining for a program at Downs Park, late 1980's or early 1990's

Ranger Rick Holt portrait late 1980's or early 1990's

Ranger Rick Holt at July 4th Celebration late 1980s or early 1990's

Superintendent Rick Holt (left) and Betty Jansky help the county executive with the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new playground at Downs Park.

Superitendent Rick Holt announcing at a July 4th celebration. I believe this was the occasion where we told 7000 people that the event was postponed.

Rick makes presentations at the annual volunteer award banquet late 1980's or early 1990's, theme was 'hillbilly' hence the outfit.

Ranger Rick with group of kids and his 'Ranger Changer' program where he swapped hats with a kid and then coached the kid to lead the program.

Ranger Rick and a nature program.

Superintendent Rick Holt speaks at the dedication of the new playground at Downs Park.

Martha Hamil, Betty Jansky, Kathy McCruden, Rick Holt at Ron Blake Awards where Martha received her Volunteer Award.

I once calculated that I'd traveled over 50,000 miles patrolling the trails at the park. I stopped counting but continued patrolling.