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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
February 8, 1971
7 pm

Dear Folks,

Spent the morning in the air-conditioned Avionics room. Didn't do anything but sit and drink Pepsi.

At lunch time I went to Nick's. It's a gook shop that sells everything from hair-cuts to button-holes. Bought a black hat and a boony hat and ordered some nametags for my fatigues.

After lunch I got put on detail. Out on the airstrip they're building cement bunkers for parking the planes. I was a hooker-on for a crane. Had to hook cables to the cement blocks so the crane could put them in place. It's like a big set of tinker toys. All the blocks just slide together.

They're supposed to take action on my PFC and also my flight orders. I should be hearing about that soon.

Haven't gotten any mail yet. The mail clerk sleeps in my room, so I shouldn't have any trouble with my mail service.


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