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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
February 15, 1971
10 am

Dear Folks,

Doesn't look like we'll go to China Beach today. It started raining last night and it is still cloudy and drizzly.

The Rice Paddy Inn should be open today. It's about time for a couple hotdogs.

Can really feel my sunburn this morning. Mamma-san turned our linen in on Saturday and didn't bring any new linen. Sleeping on a bare mattress is like sleeping on sandpaper.

11:50 pm

Took a hotdog break and read over your letters from yesterday. Guess I left a few questions unanswered in my letter yesterday.

As far as these missions go I'm not sure whether we have support planes flying with us or not. If we get word that we have unwanted company we just turn off the lights and duck down in the clouds. Haven't had anybody shoot at us yet. At least not while I've been flying.

As long as we're on standby all I have to worry about is getting run over by some crazy gook on a motorbike or maybe a runaway water buffalo, or a band of renegade mosquitoes.

Speaking of mosquitoes. Shad Landing doesn't have any compared to this place. I recommend that you spend about 2 weeks there this summer.

So much for now,


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