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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
February 15, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

It's been a pretty dull day as far as the weather goes. It's been cloudy, cool and drizzly.

Got 3 letters from you today, written the 9th and 10th.

To answer a few questions:

Dad, no we don't have any parachutes. I asked the same question when I first got here. Just have to hope if the plane goes down it goes down softly.

Guess you have your jogging shoes by now, so you can jog in style. Kind of hard to imagine what -1 degrees feels like.

Mom, I haven't heard from that MP yet. Ed Seacord has been with me all along. These 05C's I met were Siroes and Giles. They were on the same orders I was for coming to Ft. Dix on Jan 20th. Met a guy at Long Thanh who was from Essex. He's a helicopter crew chief. I forget his name. He knew a guy from Curley whose mother was a friend of yours. I forget his name too. He was a year or two ahead of me in school. Name might have been Bowers. I'm not sure. That name rings a bell.

Don't have to worry about getting my $7 back since I'm back up here. Never paid at Long Thanh.

Enjoyed the picture of the kids. Why do they look so gloomy?


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