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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
February 19, 1971
11:45 pm

Dear Folks,

After two hot dogs at the Rice Paddy Inn this morning we headed for China Beach. It was partly cloudy to start with but we had plenty of sun. The water was closed for swimming but the life guards weren't too strict about it so we got plenty of waves too. That lasted till about 4:30 pm.

Was going to watch a movie at the Rice Paddy Inn, but half the guys were going to the Air Force NCO club so the rest of us decided to go with them. It's supposed to be for E-4 and above, but Seacord and Paulson and I managed to slip in with the crowd. We've got a letter from the CO just in case they say anything. They've all been trying to get me drunk but they haven't had much success. I had the second half of just about everybody's drinks. All they succeeded in doing was saving me money. Made it through the whole night on two Pepsi's and a coke.

There were two bands there tonight, a Philippine band played till 9 pm and an Australian band till 11 pm. I've seen the first one at the Rice Paddy Inn before. They aren't so hot, but the Australian band was really great.

Got three letters today from Mom, Dad and Jean. Written last Saturday when you mailed the package of clothes. If the mailman was right it should get here soon. Gran, thanks for the shirts. Sure wasn't expecting a new wardrobe.

The place where the Aviation Detachment is located is Long Thanh. Guess you can't read my writing. Can't understand why.

So much for now. Back to China Beach tomorrow if the sun still shines. Hardship tour.


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