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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
February 22, 1971
1 pm

Dear Folks,

A plane came up today, but no mail for me. Don't look like we'll go to the beach today, a little too late to get started. My sunburn could use another day to cool off anyway.

Here are a few more slides:

Another picture taken out of the plane window. The picture of the plane in flight is a C-130 like the one that got hit the other day by those rockets. A picture taken while riding on the back of a truck. I forget what road it is. It's here in Da Nang somewhere. I think I took it on the way to the Freedom Hill PX. The black jet is an Australian bomber. The one of the two pilots turned out a little dark. And a picture of a U-21. You can see that bomber in the picture too.

Not much doing around here right now. Write often. Look forward to your mail. So long for now.


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