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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
February 24, 1971
8:45 pm

Dear Folks,

Got here about 3:30 pm. Stopped at Tuy Hoa on the way down. Got 3 letters just before I left Da Nang. Two written on the 18th and the one you sent by regular mail on the 15th. When I got down here I got one letter from Barry which was written on the 13th and sent by regular mail. Also got that package of clothes. Everything was in good shape. The candy is almost gone already. Those new shirts fit good too. Nobody seems to know why we came back. I don't think they were even expecting us down here.

They're showing a movie tonight -- "Alfred the Great." Started to watch it, but it wasn't so great (pun) so I left. That was about the most exciting thing that happened today. This place is dead. Don't know what I'm going to do without China Beach and the Rice Paddy Inn and that nice big Air Force PX. I'll have to admit though, the EM club here has a little variety. We get our hot dogs with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

"He's everywhere, he's everywhere -- the wonderful white winged warrior, Chicken-man is streaming across the ocean at this very moment to strike good in the hearts of men." Seems like every time I turn on the radio that's what I hear.

Sounds like there is a war going on outside. Been hearing artillery and rockets going of for the last hour. Don't mean nothing though, it's all off in the distance.

Guess I'll go back to work in Avionics tomorrow, if I don't get stuck with a detail.

We had a thunderstorm here about 5 o'clock. Boy, did it rain. When it rains around here it really rains.!

Finished off another roll of film today. So I have two rolls of print film that have to be developed. Don't think the PX does developing work. I'll have to go to Bearcat down the road. Have to wait till payday too. Got a roll of slide film in the camera now. Took a few pictures of Tuy Hoa from the air. Got a picture of that C-130 that was hit. Took it from the plane when we were taxing down the runway. It was taken from quite a distance so you probably won't be able to see much.

So much for now. I'll be getting my mail without that extra days delay it takes to get to Da Nang.

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Got my box number today - box 61.


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