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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 6, 1971
6:30 pm

Dear Folks,

It has been pretty cool today. We had a little sunshine this morning, but it clouded up and even drizzled a little. That should cut down on the mosquito population. We haven't been having too much trouble with them anyway. Every night we spray insecticide inside the tent.

We're still on standby. No mail plane came up today. Command Aircraft Company has planes coming up here every day. I don't know why they can't send the mail up with them.

The picture I enclosed was taken by Gary Duff with his new camera. He just got back the 5 rolls of film he turned in. Cost him about $30 to get them all developed. The guy in the doorway is Harrelson, one of the crew chiefs.

I don't think I ever mentioned that Paulson was born the same day I was Sept. 29, 1950. He was drafted in April, but signed up for 3 years thinking he would get a better deal. Ha Ha! We all make mistakes sometimes. I guess North Dakota isn't so populated so his number came up quicker than mine did in Maryland.

Got a few books today at the bookstore. Principles of Biology, Fundamentals of radio and electronics. Perhaps not as action packed as some of the other nondescript novels floating around here, but a little more educational.

I understand one of our planes got shot at the other day by those SAM missiles. Didn't come close to getting hit, but I sure wish they'd cut it out.

Saw the movie "The Adventurer" today at the Gunfighter Village. Right now I am waiting for Kelm to bring me back a couple of Rice Paddy specials from the RPI.


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