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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 10, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

It has been a cloudy drizzly day. The mission kicked off again this morning when the ground relay broke down. But they got it working just after the first plane took off. So we're back on standby.

Went to a movie today at the main Air Force compound -- "Hornets Nest." Didn't get any mail today.

We have four transient bunks in this building. They come in for a couple days to pull details and guard duty. One of them has Seacord's guitar and is making all kinds of noise. Wew! I think he's trying to get even for the other night when we were partying till about 2:30 in the morning. We have a right to make noise. This is our barracks. I'd like to shove that guitar...

Had lunch today at the Airman's Dining Hall. Hot dogs, fried. Beans and potato chips. Two cold glasses of ice and grape drink. Served on a paper plate. I could just shut my eyes and feel the cool breeze coming in off the Chesapeake. It reminded me so much of being down at the shore I just had to mention it.

"The same sun that shines on you every morn,
shines on me a half day later.
I get up every morning and make sure it's still there,
then sit down and write you a letter.

This Army is Alright,

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