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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 14, 1971
10:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, it's been another banner day. Accomplished absolutely nothing and did even less. Got some St. Patrick's Day cards this morning and a couple letters this evening. Spent the evening at the RPI. There was a good band tonight. They played for an extra half hour when everybody stood up and yelled for more. Had a couple RC and then my fellow cohorts went on one of their 'get me drunk' binges. At their expense - had a third of a bottle of Champagne and two glasses of some other horrible tasting stuff. VO7 or something like that. I can drink more than they can spend for, so they gave up after a while. I'd never spend my money on that stuff. I spend enough on hotdogs and cokes as it is. Time now for midnight chow, then a nice shower and off to bed.


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