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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 18, 1971
12 pm

Dear Folks,

Just got back from midnight chow. Seems if I eat chow at night I'm not so hungry for hotdogs when I get up.

Got a whole stack of mail this evening. About 10 letters, the pictures from Wards and the banner you sent. One of these days I'm going to beak that record of 28 letters. The banner is now hanging over the one and only doorway to the hooch. Curtains? We've only got one window and that's about 8 ft. up the wall. Not much use for curtains. I put most of the pictures in the mail already.  I sent 3 of them to Barry that were duplicates of the same thing. There were 11 pictures that didn't turn out. They were the ones that I took from the moving truck. They printed the one of all the people grouped together but you can see how blurry it is.  The others I took looking straight out the front and back of the truck turned out OK.

Paulson got the 3 letters you wrote him. I think he's actually writing one back right now!

I've enclosed the receipt from Wards. I got two rolls of film back with it and a credit for the pictures that didn't turn out.

Those tapered fatigues cost a dollar a pair. I didn't cut off the dungarees, I've been wearing them long. I cut off the stateside fatigues with the scissors in my sewing kit. That fatigue shirt without the sleeves was just an old one that I found. I cut the sleeves off and had the patches sewn on. The white one on the right says, "Viet Cong Hunting Club", the one on the left says "Vietnam Hunting Club" .  There is a big one on the back that looks like this:

(sketch) Peace Hell, Bomb Hanoi

Momma-san says that's "Number one."  The hat band says "Viet (War) Nam"

I'm sending the 1st Signal Brigade magazine 'Jagged sword'. It has a story in it about aviation. One sentence in the story mentions radio relay. We're just a small part of the whole thing. A lot of other good stories in there too.

Glad to hear there is somebody carrying on the fight for a clean environment. As you can see in the pictures of China Beach, we've got a lot of litter bugs over here too. Well, so much for now, it's getting kind of late.


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