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Da Nang
March 26, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I lost my pen somewhere today. I can't remember the last time I had it. I think I may have left it when I signed the meal roster at lunch. But it seems like I've used it since then. I just can't remember when. Maybe it will turn up. I can always get another one.

I got six letters today. from the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Paulson has been getting the letters you write. He also got a letter from one of the girls at Mt. Saint Agnes.

We didn't fly again today. I think they aren't going to fly the radio checks for a while. That figures -- I would have been the next one to fly. I looked at the citation that came with Harrelson's Air medal. It says "for more than 25 aerial flights." So I don't know what to believe. It's right there in black and white. I asked him how many missions you need to wear you wings. He said that if you're flying you wear them. He didn't know of any specific number. I'll guess I'll have to check into it and find out for sure.

About the packages of goodies. The box with the "crunch" sounds like a good idea. I'd rather have that kind of stuff than all the sweets. You might think I can't get all the goodies over here. That's true when I'm down south, but here at Da Nang I've got 3 different PX's each about the size of H&L Greens.

I haven't taken any pictures of the inside of the hooch yet. I left my flash attachment at Long Thanh. I guess I could borrow Seacord's to take a few pictures. I think I told you I mailed that last roll of film to Wards. I was going to take it to the PX but I changed my mind because I don't have enough money to pay for it. I've only got about 70 cents to my name right now. I guess I do need about $100 a month. Especially living up here. I've got plenty of film, about 4 rolls. I've got a roll of slide film in the camera right now.

I guess Uncle Roy is pretty busy right now. I think you said he was moving to Middle River. Does he know exactly where yet?

If you put that name on the boat try the back first. If there isn't enough room then the side.

I've been trying to decide what kind of correspondence course I want to take. The United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) has quite a few. Mostly standard college subjects. I'm pretty sure they are all free. Maybe American History. I haven't decided yet.

They spray for mosquitoes around here the same way they do at Shad Landing. The truck goes by about 8 pm every night. There are also some airplanes that spray every now and then.

Looking forward to payday. I hope I get that back pay this month. I'll only get the pay for the time I came in-country. I'm not really worried about those other two month. Not much I can do about it anyway. According to the paper we should be getting a raise in July. An E-1 will be making more than I'm making now.

Kelm and Harrelson went down to Long Thanh today for an E-5 board. You have to pass a board to get E-5. There isn't any time limit for E-4. When the slots come down those who are eligible get it.

According to the news there is a big buildup near the DMZ. I don't know whether that will keep us up here any longer or not. This radio relay is pretty new business. I guess that's why they don't have people specifically trained for it. Duff has been doing this since he came to Vietnam about 6 months ago. There was only one other guy before him and he has already left the country. Kelm worked in a comm center as a crypto repairman for 8 months before they sent him to Long Thanh. Paulson came in country a week before I did. He has been doing this all along. He is still assigned to the 269th Signal Co. though. I think they are trying to get him reassigned to 2nd Signal. I think there may be one other airborne radio relay team somewhere else in Vietnam down near the Delta.

It was sunny again today. They finally opened the Rec center here. Played some pool and ping-pong this afternoon.

Don't worry so much. I can take care of myself and have fun to boot. Happiness is a long letter. Five pages for a change.


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