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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
April 17, 1971
7:30 am

Dear Folks,

Missed another day yesterday. I don't know where it went so fast. Yesterday morning we finished checking out the relay banks. I was supposed to go to Phu Loi with Sgt. Davis to take the bad banks for repairs. But when they got all the banks on the chopper there was no room for me. Eight out of eighteen banks were bad. Got one letter yesterday from the 10th and two from the 12th.

Duff didn't make Soldier of the Month. He came in second place. There were three other guys competing with him.

I'll try to remember to go to Nick's today and get some patches for George. I forgot all about it till you mentioned it in the last letter.

Things are pretty slow around here now. We had a little five minute shower yesterday afternoon. Otherwise it has been sunny and hot.

Paulson is still with us. He probably be leaving the Army before they decide where he should be. Of course, he's not complaining. He just sleeps all day long.


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