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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
April 21, 1971
10:15 am

Dear Folks,

Well as far as I know I should be going north some time today. We are expecting a plane to come down with Kelm and Duff on it and me and Seacord and maybe Paulson will go up to take their place. They are coming back down here for another e-5 board. Didn't make it last time.

Sat in Avionics all day yesterday. Did absolutely nothing. Doing the same right now. I hope they give us a little bit of a warning as to when we're leaving. I have to pack.

Sgt. Davis said he put me and Seacord in for E-4 yesterday and we should get it within a week or so. The way the Army works I'll probably get paid for E-4 before I get paid for E-3.

Sgt. Davis just called Phu Loi to find out about those radio banks we turned in for repair. They say they should be ready today or tomorrow. I think the operation up north must be expanding because I heard they want to send another ship up north. There are two up there now.

We didn't get any mail yesterday afternoon. I got one letter from you yesterday morning.

Guess that's it for now. Sure hope we go up north. Be nice to get away from Sgt. Cox for a while. Somebody will probably have him straightened out by the time we get back.


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