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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
April 22, 1971
10:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Got two letters today your wrote on the 17th. Spent the day in Avionics. Put one radio in a U-21 and took some bad radios to the other side of the airfield to be fixed. That was my work for the day. The electricity went out for a couple hours this afternoon. Don't realize how much that air conditioner helps till you have to do without it.

Well, Paulson finally got a definite answer. He leaves for his old unit, 269th Signal Co. tomorrow morning at 7:45 am. So I guess we won't be seeing too much of him any more.

There is a rumor that we'll be going back up north in 7-10 days for an indefinite time. Nice rumor! I hope it comes to be.

There is also another good rumor -- that we will get our Spec 4 orders tomorrow. I hope that's right too!

Had a little different meal this evening. Two rainbow trout with trimmings. A new Playboy Lounge special. Not bad but a little messy to eat. The heads and all were still on the fish.

Played two games of horse shoes this evening. Got lucky and won both games. We also played a game of monopoly. Paulson won that game.

There starting to get real picky in Avionics now. Some Warrant officer came in there today and said we can't bring any more books or magazines to work. And we've got to be in the Avionics shop at all times or we're AWOL. So instead of sitting and reading we'll just sit and do nothing. No big thing.

 I don't think I mentioned that Kelm brought my sunglasses back from Da Nang. I really like them. They have black frames with smoke gray lenses.

Guess that wraps it up.


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