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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
April 24, 1971
8:30 am

Dear Folks,

We just put the radios in two planes. Duff and Kelm are supposed to go up north today. They are sent because they're the most experienced so they get things started. I think there is another plane scheduled for tomorrow. Me and Seacord should go on that one.

The 24th is D-day for me- three months down and 9 to go.

As you have noticed from my return address I am now an E-4. Got promoted this morning. They made a big deal of it. Sgt. Davis told us last night that the Major was mad at us about something we did. And we were supposed to go see him about it at 7:30 this morning. I saw right through their little scheme. I knew why we (me and Seacord) had to see the Major.

Actually it wasn't the Major who promoted us it was the executive officer, Capt. Dixon. So from now on it is SP/4. No more of that PFC stuff. I'll bet I still get paid E-2 for this month. The E-4 orders were dated April 15th so I'll get a half month SP/4 pay sooner or later.

Got off work last night about 8:30 pm. We were checking out the radio banks that came back from Phu Loi. They are all still working as bad as they were when we sent them to be fixed. I think they are going to be sent to Phu Bai this time. See if anybody there can fix them.

I guess that's the good news for today. Can't check for mail till 11:30.


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