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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
May 2, 1971
10:10 pm

Dear Folks,

It's been a long day. They called us last night around midnight to go to Nha Trang. The hurricane knocked down some communications towers. It was raining here in Da Nang and the hurricane was between us and Nha Trang. We had to get a special clearance to take off. They weren't letting any aircraft take of because of the weather. Me, Kelm and Murphy were in 073 and Duff and Currin were in 038. After about 30 minutes of bumpy flying our plane had to turn back because of some trouble with the gyro. The pilots didn't want to fly through the hurricane without it. So we're back at Da Nang and Duff as far as I know is flying around Nha Trang.

Got back to the hooch about 5 this morning and caught up on the sleep I missed.

Went to see "the Undefeated" at the main AF compound today. It was a pretty good show. Had John Wayne and Rock Hudson in it.

I got a tape recorder today. It cost $35.

Well, that's the scoop for today. Charlie hasn't bothered us lately with any rockets. I don't know what the alert status is tonight.

We had a lot of rain today, but it never got windy like we expected. The storm must have went out to sea.

I'll have to get to work on a tape for you sooner or later. Don't see how I'll ever talk for a half hour straight. I think I'll try to catch Chicken Man on the radio for you.

Chalk up one mission for that flight last night. Number 12.


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