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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 9, 1971
7:30 pm

Dear Folks,

My yo-yo string broke today. Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo! How will I ever survive. Well, I've always got my teddy bear.

It was hot all day today. We had a little shower this evening. The way the clouds looked I thought the sky was going to fall.

Had to work a little this morning on 038 and a chopper 679. Spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading. Finished a book, "Division Street: America" by Studs Turkel. It was a good book. Been reading it for about a week. It's an accomplishment to be able to read around here. There's always so much distraction. And it's awful easy to start daydreaming too!

I'm going to go out and put a control in 073 in a little while. Duff was supposed to do it, since I worked this morning, but he asked me if I would do it for him. I guess I'm just a sucker for work. I really don't mind though. Sometimes I think I'd rather be working all day than sitting around. The time would go a lot faster.

Got three letters today of the 4th and 5th. I checked my mailbox about 11:30 this morning after I got done working and found it empty. Since we only get one mail call on Sundays I was kind of disappointed. But when I got back to the hooch there were three letters on my bed. Seacord had already picked them up.

You asked about the different alert status. Well, Red is the most serious. It means you're actually under attack. But sometimes it's used to mean attack is very imminent. Yellow is next, then gray, then white.

Listening to Arlo Guthrie sing "Lay Down Little doggies" He is a hippie folk singer and he has his own way of singing it.

Yes, I like tasty cakes. Any kind. You sent it I'll eat it. Speakin' of eatin' I had lunch at the Playboy Lounge. A cheeseburger and two orders of fries. Had supper at the mess hall. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Pretty good for a change.

George took off from school to go fishing! Better watch it you may have a fishing fanatic on your hands. Seems I went that same route.

Well, I guess I'll go see if 073 is in yet. Has to leave for Bangkok tomorrow morning so we need to fix it tonight.


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