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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 12, 1971
8 pm

Dear Folks,

Another day in the life. Sat in Avionics this morning. Had off this afternoon, just laid on my bunk and let the time slip away. We have two new radio relay operators - one is an 05C, the other an 05B. The 05B is PFC O'Briant. He seems OK. The other guy has been in the army for 7 years and is still an SP/4. Nobody likes him. He's already got one guy out to get him for stealing a case of soda.

Didn't get any mail again today. The letter I wrote yesterday didn't get mailed till about 5 pm today. I lost it and then found it this afternoon. I mailed George a few patches today. If I come across any new ones I'll send them. Nick's has some other ones but you might say they are rated X, for GI 's only. I sent 4 envelopes with the patches in them.


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