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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
May 20, 1971
3 pm

Dear Folks,

I started a letter last night but at about 8:30 pm we had an alert so I never finished it. I'm in Avionics right now. I was on detail this morning for about an hour to move some timbers that were laying in the company area. This shop really stinks. Yesterday the guys from Phu Loi were here checking the radio banks (By the way, I was off yesterday.) When they locked up the shop yesterday they forgot to turn the power supply to the radio banks off and they burnt up the battery we were using for power. Boy, does it smell!

I got one letter yesterday and four this morning. I'll drop this letter in the box when I go to check my mail this evening. Sorry about the delay but I didn't get back last night till about 11 pm. We don't have any electric power in the hanger today. They're working on the lines somewhere. So it's hot in here without the air conditioner. Stopped for a break this afternoon when the ice cream man came by. I'll have to bring my camera and get a few pictures of him tomorrow. Well, guess that about wraps it up.


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