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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 24, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Another beautiful day. A little bit of everything. Cloudy this morning, sunny this afternoon, and raining this evening. We had a power failure about an hour ago. It lasted about 30 minutes.

Got 4 letters and some magazines this morning, nothing this evening. Not much work in Avionics today. Had a job on a chopper about 7:30 this morning and another job on a chopper about 4:25 pm, as usual. In between just sat in the shop and read and figured cross word puzzles. Got so engrossed in the puzzles I forgot to go to the PX. I need soap and some film for my camera. I finished a roll of film this evening. Some real crazy pictures on this roll. I hope they turn out.

Duff, Seacord and I took a jog out to the back gate and back this evening under threatening clouds and lightning. I mentioned earlier it rained. Well, it just drizzled a little. The storm blew over.

Well, things are looking up. 4 down and 8 to go.


P.S. - and thanks for the "Have a happy day" sign. I put it on the inside of the door to Avionics with a notation at the bottom, "Courtesy of Momma Holt." Sgt. Davis just looked at it and grinned. I guess we beat the system for once!

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