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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 26, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Rather uneventful day. A little work in Avionics but hardly enough to break the monotony. Didn't get any mail again today. Our regular mail clerk is on R&R and there is another guy taking his place who isn't too swift.

The photo lab has been closed for a couple days till they get it straightened up. I think they'll open it tomorrow. So if it isn't too crowded I think I might go there in the evening.

Seacord and I have been playing checkers for the last couple days. So far he is the undecided champion, but one of these days I'll conquer him.

Took a jog out to the back gate this evening with Duff. He started to jog out there without me, but I saw him leaving and caught up with him. He said he's ashamed to run with me because the last couple times I sprinted the last 1/4 mile and left him in the dust. If I keep running every day I imagine sooner or later I'll be sprinting the whole distance. My next feat will be to jog the perimeter of the compound. And then, of course -- the Appalachian Trail. Dream on!

Well, guess that'll do it for now.


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