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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
June 6, 1971
9:50 pm

Dear Folks,

I am writing by the light of my flashlight. The electricity went out about 8 pm while we were listening to the band at the RPI. Speaking of RPI - they are temporarily out of hotdogs.

The mission went on standby of course. Next 'hot' date is Tuesday at 6 pm. Only time will tell.

We're still living in the room behind the personnel hooch. It is partitioned off now into 8 two and three man rooms. I'm in the same corner I was originally. Only it's a room now. I'm living with O'Briant.

Spent the day hitting PX's. One of those rockets that hit yesterday evening hit just across the street from that big red Coca Cola sign. Killed a couple civilians. Well, got to save my batteries.


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