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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 12, 1971
11 pm

Dear Folks,

Slept in till 11 am this morning. I was expecting to get woke up for that parade practice but it must be tomorrow. I got dressed and walked up to check my mail. On the way up Davis came out of nowhere and said I was supposed to report  for R&U detail at 12:30 pm. I don't know what R&U stands for but it's usually working on bunkers on the perimeter. I went up there at 12:30 and had to wait till 1 pm for the office to open. Leave it to Davis to get you there on time! Never too early. All we did was ride around looking for a fork lift which we never found. We had to move some aluminum from Bearcat to here. Finally we just took a truck and loaded it by hand.

Went to the club this evening to see the band. They weren't too bad considering it was a zip band. Should have the day off tomorrow unless we have that practice. I was scheduled for guard 12 pm to 6 am but they finally got those safes today. So no more guard. At least on the conex anyway. We'll probably be put on the company guard roster now for perimeter guard. The company is short of perimeter guards.

Duff got word today that he and some others have been attached to some other signal unit which is standing down. That could mean that he has about 11 days left in Vietnam. He doesn't want to do it though unless it means he's getting out of the army for good. It may mean he would have to spend the last seven months in the states. I don't blame him. If he spends his full year here, which is only about 80 more days, he'll get the regular 150 day drop and be out of the army for good. He has to check into it and see exactly what the story is.

Hoping to get a good nights sleep, but it will probably be interrupted tomorrow for that stupid practice. That's it.


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