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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 14, 1971
9:50 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, first of all I finally got that commanders certificate. Went up there myself this morning. Didn't get much static at all which surprised me. Our post office is closed down so I went to Bearcat about 11:30. Got there and found it closed for lunch. Came back and had a hamburger for lunch at the mess hall. After formation I went back over to the post office and got the money orders I wanted. I sent $500 home. I think it's in $100 money orders. There probably made out the same way as before. It's really a hassle just getting them. The clerk fills them out and puts them in the envelope and seals it and mails it. So I don't really get to see them. I guess if the bank accepted the others it will accept these too.

I also ordered that slide projector today. So you can figure the time from today. I ordered some maps and books from the Appalachian Trail Conference and the Potomac Appalachian Trail club. I gave them the home address so you might look for them in a couple weeks. Just keep them there for the time being.

That leaves me with about $150 for the rest of the month. Probably have about a hundred at the end of the month so I may be able to send $300 home next month.

According to the prophets Duff will be leaving soon. His adjusted DEROS is June 26th. He hasn't got orders yet but he is supposed to start clearing on the 22nd. He still owes me $50 so I bought his refrigerator from him for $50 under the condition that if he can come up with $50 before he leaves he can have it back. He was thinking about taking it home with him.

Capt. Bevans stuck his head in here about 8:30 pm and told me I have to up the orderly room at 7:30 tomorrow morning so I can go to that parade practice. Capt. Bevans is a pretty cool dude. He's one of the pilots and he is also in charge of the crypto equipment. He'll be taking the CO's place for the ceremony. He said the other day, "I don't know who hates this more you or me."

Feeling a lot better today. Still got the sniffles but it's slowly going away. Of course, now Seacord got it so I'll probably catch it back from him.

Guess that's the good news for today. Got two letters from you. Be on the look out for the money.


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