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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 22, 1971

Dear Folks,

Hello again. Just finished a tape so this letter will probably be short. Well, I passed the half way mark two days ago (refers to 1 year of my two year draft commitment) so the time is all downhill from now. Next big occasion is the 24th, five months in Vietnam. The the 31st which is payday. After that it's somewhere around the 9th of July when I break the 200 mark. All kinds of big occasions coming up!

You mentioned the black hat with my name on the back. That's the hat I wear every day. They do the sewing at Nick's. Speaking of Nick's there is a photo finish place there now. So I can turn my film in there. Put a roll of color in today. Should be done by the 27th. I am going to enclose a few pictures that Duff gave me. He was going to throw them away so I figured I might as well send them to you and get some use out of them. They are pictures of Da Nang and also a couple around the company area here. Also enclosed a clipping from Duff's home town paper. Well, that and the tape ought to keep you busy a while.


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