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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
June 26, 1971
10 pm

Dear Folks,

Left my pen at work today and scrounged this one up to make do till I get it. Got one letter today. Was only expecting one since I got three yesterday. Had a busy day. Still checking radio banks. Took half hour this morning to clean up the shop so we could move around to work. It was a real mess. The CO's air-conditioner is still sitting on the bench all took apart. Somebody took the motor to get it re-wound and hasn't brought it back yet.

This afternoon everybody in the company had to work at the motor pool. I got the nice clean job of changing oil in a 2 1/2 ton truck. What a mess! Also had a few other things to do like clean batteries and the air filter. There were a lot of things on the list they gave me that I didn't even know what they were. Like "tighten bolts on jackshaft." I just signed them off as complete and said the heck with it. I'm supposed to be a radio operator not a mechanic. I don't even have a military drivers license. Couldn't use the vehicles if I wanted to.

Got some pictures back today so I guess I'll let them make up the rest of this letter. They didn't print three of the pictures but enclosed a piece of paper with a note on it that I enclosed with the pictures. They were only pictures of the band. I think I'll print them myself some day.


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