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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 29, 1971
11:45 pm

Dear Folks,

Had guard duty last night so I didn't write yesterday. I fell asleep this evening and almost didn't write today.

I was on the R&U detail all day Monday building the post office. Had guard duty with O'Briant last night. We only get a half day off now after guard so I went to work in Avionics at 1 pm. Spent the afternoon making out work orders on all the bad radios laying around the shop. Got off at 4:30 and at 5 pm I was back over there as usual working on the planes that came in late. Had a deluge of rain about 5:10 pm. That's the most rain I've ever seen at one time. Got soaked to the skin. Had to walk through a ditch which I could usually step over. The water was almost up to my waist. Got lots of mail yesterday, four letters, some magazines and that box of goodies. So I wasn't disappointed when all I got today was the "Horizon" from the Power Squadron. Getting tired, got to quit.


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