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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
July 2, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

Got some mail today. Not as much as I expected, only two letters. I've enclosed a couple of pictures that Seacord took with his camera. Got a haircut today so I no longer have all that hair the pictures show. But I'm good for another two months now. Yes, that's a crack in my glasses. I dropped them about a month ago.

Nothing much happening today. Avionics all day. Davis took about 5 more radio banks to Vung Tau today. He still isn't back yet. Something happened to the chopper that was supposed to pick him up. Hope he gets back tomorrow morning. Col. Dickinson, the group commander is supposed to come through and inspect the area. I found out about that this evening. Capt. Kinzel sent word down he wanted to see the ranking man in Avionics. Davis was gone and even though I'm not the ranking man, I was the only one around so I had the pleasure of going up and having my ear chewed off about how we're supposed to get the shop ready for inspection.

Speaking of inspections. We actually have an IG coming up soon. I think we have a pre-IG on the 14th. Sound familiar?

That's about it . Guard duty tomorrow night. Hope it doesn't rain. I've been lucky so far.


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