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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Vung Tau
July 13, 1971
4:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Arrived here about 10:30 am. Sgt. Davis and Capt. Kinzel came up here with me. They left about 11 am. They didn't tell me where to go or what to do. Finally found a place to stay and then I searched for the place where the radio banks are being fixed. Found that about 1 pm. Started checking the racks they had ready. They seemed to work except one of the crypto pieces I brought up with me wasn't working right. So until I get a good one I can't check any further. I called Davis and left a message that I needed the part so until I get it I guess I'll just sit back and wait. Well, that's the news for today. All I've got to do is find a place to mail this letter.


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