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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Vung Tau
July 19, 1971
6 pm

Dear Folks,

Must have had about 10 phone calls today. Capt. Bevans and Sgt. Davis were both trying to send a rectifier to me. Both of them wanted to send me the same piece of equipment. And neither one of them knew about the other guy. So one chopper came up here empty and later another one came with the part on it. It could only happen in the army.

To make it even funnier the gooks finally put in a 220 line so we really didn't need the other rectifier after all.

Well, it has been seven days since I got here. I think the next time I talk to Davis I'll see if he can't arrange to have my mail sent up to me. On second thought maybe I shouldn't. I might never see it again. As bad a luck as I've had getting parts I can imagine what might happen to my mail. It would probably wind up in the Ashaw valley somewhere.

Before I left, Capt. Kinzel said he was going to put me on TDY orders so I should be able to collect for the time I spend up here. I might even try to collect for the time I spent in Nha Trang. I got orders for that but since it was only for a couple days I didn't think it would be worth the hassle of going all the way to Long Binh.

Got a momma-san to wash my clothes so now I'm good for another week!


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