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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Vung Tau
July 22, 1971
6 pm

Dear Folks,

I just remembered that I'd better mention that I didn't send any money home yet this month. I didn't bring the commanders certificate with me so I can't get a money order here. I still have the $350 on me plus a little under $40 to last till the end of the month. So until I get back to Long Thanh I won't be able to send it home. At the rate we're going here I may still be here then. If that happens I'll be sending twice as much next month. So don't be looking for any checks in the mail. I'll let you know when I send it.

Almost got my mail today but not quite. Capt. Bevans called about 2 o'clock and said Capt. Kinzel was flying up here in 073 to bring my mail. I was supposed to meet him on the flight line at 3 o'clock. I waited there from ten of three till twenty of four and he still hadn't come. I left at 5:30 without my mail. I didn't get any phone calls or anything so I don't know what the story is.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow. Maybe. Well, what's another day anyway. I've been kept pretty busy so I don't really miss it.

We're starting to make a little progress on the radios. But like I said yesterday it involves a little soldering. That's work. Civilians don't like work.

That does it for now,


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