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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Vung Tau
July 25, 1971
5 pm

Dear Folks,

Accomplished today everything I set out to do -- absolutely nothing. Spent most of the day just laying on my bunk reading. Went out about ten this morning and got a bacon and egg sandwich and a couple cokes. Would have been a great sandwich except it had mayonnaise, catsup, onions and pickles on it. If these gooks had to eat the stuff they make it might be different. Solved the problem by scooping the excess stuff off. At lunchtime I got a cheeseburger that tasted good with all the extras on it. No matter what you order they give you the same trimmings.

Got a can of OFF today at the PX. The mosquitoes around here at night are almost as bad as Da Nang, until about 3 in the morning when it cools off. You have a choice between suffocating to death under the sheets or getting eat up by the bugs.

Just for the heck of it when I finish this letter I'm going to write another one and address it to Shad Landing State Park. If I figure it right it may arrive while you're still there. I don't have the zip code or anything so it will probably arrive after you leave, but it might arrive in time to give you a surprise greeting. It's worth a try.


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