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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
July 31, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

My return trip to Vung Tau has been postponed. We rigged three ships today, 061,013,000. for radio relay. We are now on standby for a mission to Da Nang. It's not official yet but they were pretty hot about us getting these ships rigged and ready to go. 027 is over in field maintenance right now. When it gets back we're supposed to rig it too.  We may have to go to Vung Tau to pick up some of the good banks I left there. I don't think we have enough to rig another ship.

If we go I don't think it will be till Monday.

It's cold sitting here. It just started pouring rain about five minutes ago and the wind is blowing a cold spray through the wall onto my back.

I got paid today. $348. I've got a total of $668 now. O'Briant owes me $10. I'll get it tomorrow. The reason I don't have the other $20 is that I spent about $20 for two suitcases. I got tired of carrying a footlocker around. It's not expensive luggage or anything. Just some canvas stuff. But it will serve the purpose.

With a possible trip to Da Nang in the future this month I guess I'd better keep $150. So I'll probably send $500 home this month. Then  if I've got anything left I'll send it next month.

Looking forward to this mission. I could use the flight time. Didn't go any flying at all for the month of July, at least I didn't log any time. Hope I had enough time backed up to cover July so I get paid for it.

Got an Ocean City postcard today and a letter with a picture in it. I couple of letters I got yesterday in the mail had pictures in them too. I keep them in my photo album so they don't get lost.

Well, don't be surprised if the next letter you get is from a different part of the country.


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