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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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171 days to go
Long Thanh North
August 5, 1971
8 pm

Dear Folks,

Had a typical day. Spent the morning in Avionics. Took the radar out of 061 and de-rigged 013 and 038. That was it for the morning. After lunch I volunteered for burm detail. They were supposed to take up all the claymores from the burm so they could send a grader through to level the grass. Then they were going to burn the grass in the wire. But it rained and was cancelled. Davis didn't know about it so I came back to the hooch and slept all afternoon.

Davis said today that I may have to go up for E-5 board this month. They're going to have to do some really fancy footwork. I don't have enough time in the army or time in grade for E-5. It's a nice thought though. Only time will tell. More about that in the future, I hope.

I bought some slide film and a roll of print film today so when I go back to Vung Tau I'll be able to get some pictures. Davis said this morning I'm supposed to go back Monday.

A bummer is a fly in your peaches.

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