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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
August 8, 1971
8 pm

Dear Folks,

The mail keeps rollin' in. Got three letters, and a post card and the box of Salt water taffy. If I remember right the taffy was mailed 3rd class and not 4th class like you said. I was surprised to hear you got that letter I mailed to Shad. The reason you got it was that I enclosed it in another envelope and wrote a letter asking whoever received it to deliver it to you. So I hope you thanked whoever brought it to you. I doubt that mail delivery is a regular part of a rangers job.

Had the day off for a change. Spent the day soaking up the sunshine. Took some pictures of some of the planes and a few other things this morning.

Haven't heard any more about my trip to Vung Tau.  So I don't know for sure whether I go tomorrow or not.

I read on the bulletin board this morning that the E-5 board is on August 17th. Nobody has told me for sure that I am supposed to go up for it. Also read the requirements. Without a waiver you need 21 months in service. With a waiver you can get it with 15 months in service and 4 months time in grade. Under that amount of time you can still go up for it, but you name gets put on a special list till you have the required time. You've got to score 500 points or more on the board to get on the list. Maybe I'm only dreaming but it sure would be nice to make E-5. Only time will tell.

Going to now to watch "Wild Kingdom" on O'Briant's TV. He should be back shortly with a cheeseburger from the club.

A bummer is getting a haircut for the board.

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