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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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165 days to go
Long Thanh North
August 11, 1971
8:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I was trying to figure out what I did this morning. Then I remembered I slept till 11:30.

We didn't do anything in Avionics this afternoon until 4:30 pm. Then 027 came in with two bad radios. We checked them and found them OK, so we faked a little work for15 minutes then left. Wouldn't have done that much but Capt. Kinzel was watching.

I'm supposed to go to Vung Tau tomorrow. I may be coming back every day instead of staying there. All that flying would be a pain in the neck, but I still think I'd rather come back each day.

I'll have to remember to ask about TDY orders for the 20 days I spent there. That would be about $40.

You should have the $600 I sent by now. That should bring my savings to $1500. Well, have a happy day, it makes the time go faster.


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