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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
August 13, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

The mighty 13 struck this morning. I got to Vung Tau and found out I didn't have the key gun with me. I thought I had lost it. It's not recommended that you lose confidential Crypto gear. Especially since I had to sign a hand receipt to get it. I called Davis and found that he had it in the shop, so I breathed a sigh of relief and went to work on the radios.

Everything else went smooth today, except for the trip back. Instead of calling me 10 minutes or so ahead of time they called me 10 minutes after the chopper had arrived and told me he was waiting. So I had to rush around and get everything together. I brought two more good banks back with me. It's a wonder I didn't leave something behind. So now there are only three bad banks left in Vung Tau. But they are so bad I doubt if we'll ever get them fixed.

We rigged 009 and 073 for the mission tomorrow. 061 is already rigged because it's the standby ship. I understand we may be flying out of Tuy Hoa. That will be a change of pace. I've never stayed there before. I think they have air conditioned barracks.

Got two letters today and some pictures taken at Porter's.

Give up fishing and boating? Never happen! I may give up working.


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