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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
August 19, 1971
7 pm

Dear Folks,

It's pouring rain outside. There is a fine mist blowing through the screen and it's making this paper wet and hard to write on.

Just got back from a flight. Took off about 1:30 pm and came down about 6 pm. Two of the crew chiefs, Beckman and Skoog went up with me to get some flight time. I relieved Claybough who was on station. I never could talk to him because he forgot to turn a switch. I found that out when I talked to him a couple of minutes ago. He could hear me but I couldn't hear him.

Got two letters from you today. You asked how much I would be making if I got SP/5. I don't know but it doesn't really matter now. I missed the board because I was up here. I'm not sure if they have an E5 board every month or not. If they do maybe I'll get to go next month. If not I guess that's just tough luck.

I don't have to fly again until 10 tomorrow morning. The ground station tried about six times while I was in the air to take over, but it never worked. They always called me back up. At the rate their going we may be flying for the duration of the operation. Quite a bit of activity going on in Quang Tri Province near the DMZ.

I put some film in a Wards mailer today. All I need now is some stamps.

Your letter today mentioned that you didn't receive the checks I mailed yet. The letter was dated the13th. I mailed the money order on the 10th if I remember right. You should have it by the time you get this letter.

The smell of burning weed is filling the air. Got some potheads in this building. Marijuana has a smell you can't mistake for anything else.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I'm staying in a room behind personnel again. This time on the opposite end of the building. Sylvester is in the same room.


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