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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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151 days to go
Da Nang
August 25, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

151 was the number that got me in the army. Hope these last 151 days goes as fast as the time it took the draft board to get to that number.

The Da Nang area is on yellow alert because of the elections coming up. Around here that means the gate closes at 6 pm. Also during the day you have to have an E7 or above to take a truck off the main compound. That makes it hard for us since we don't have an E7 with us. In order to get our mail from 12th Group at Marble Mountain we'll probably have to get one of the officers to go with us. It's been about 4 days now since we picked up the mail. They are supposed to be dropping it off at Marble Mountain every day when they make the daily coast run.

This yellow alert will probably go on till after the elections in October. It's just started yesterday and already last night there was a rocket attack. I heard about 3. All in the distance. I think they hit downtown.

I understand Long Thanh is on a yellow alert too. Down there it means wearing a steel pot and flak jacket wherever you go. A real pain in the neck.

No word yet on when we leave here. I'd just as soon stay here now. Long Thanh is no place to be if Charlie really starts messing around.

Now for the good news. Saw the movie "A new Leaf" at the main Air Force compound this afternoon. Then this evening I saw the movie "Danger, Diabolic" at the RPI. both "really good shoes"

Have to go pick up the key list for tomorrow. Till then.


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