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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
August 31, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Another day flew by. Just can't seem to keep up with them. Getting into the old Lom San 719 routine. Sleeping in till noon and before you know it the day is over.

We went down to Marble Mountain to meet the plane coming in at about noon. Cheney brought Beckman some clothes and his mail. Didn't bring any mail for anyone else. Chaney and Beckman have the same mailbox just like me and Seacord so this wasn't a regular mail shipment. I gave Cheney my box number and combination so he said he would bring my mail tomorrow. Mr Schenning came back up and Mr. Krieder left today on that plane. I also sent Seacord's guitar back. I picked it up yesterday at the PX. It cost ten dollars less that he expected so I'll save it and surprise him when I get back.

There was a Korean floor show at the RPI this evening. Koreans are bigger than Vietnamese but they still look like zips. It was a pretty good show though.

I'm hungry but all I have left are those Reese cups which are kind of melted.

I've got a headache from too many 7&7's. Some guy I didn't even know kept buying them for me. It's a rough life.


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