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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
September 2, 1971
7:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Seems like just ten minutes ago I was writing a letter dated the first. Can't seem to keep up with the time.

We slept in till about 11 am this morning. Then we went to the 12th Group at Marble Mountain to meet an airplane coming in. 027 arrived at 12:15. Capt. Berry and Mr. Hughes brought that plane. It was just a regular coast run.. They didn't bring any mail or the paymaster. They said 013 was about an hour behind them. So we waited around till about 2 pm and it still hadn't show up. We gave up and left.

Beckman went to a party tonight on a German hospital boat which is docked in the harbor here. He is still a German citizen and can speak fluent German. He met a guy who works on the boat and was invited to come down there. The MP's can't touch him. The guy he met arranged to have a special pass made saying he worked on the boat. So he's all set.

Well, that's the news for today. Didn't see any movies today. Didn't mention yesterday that I saw a weird science fiction show at the RPI last night "The body stealers."

Finished a book last night called "Troubled Waters" by Daniel P. Mannix. I don't usually like fiction but this was what you might call an ecological novel. The story was about the life and eventual death of two carp - Buck and Roe as they fled the pollution which finally caught up with them. A really sad fish story.


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