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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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140 days to go
Long Thanh North
September 5, 1971
7 pm

Dear Folks,

Been a lazy day. Had the whole day off for a change. Davis came by about noon and wanted me to go up to the orderly room to see some officers who wanted to ask some questions about avionics. He had already asked everybody else in Avionics to go that he could find. They all said no. I just gave him a dirty look. He went up by himself. Davis, Sgt. US Army, epitome of authority.

Spent most of the day sitting on the bunker outside catching some sun. Had lunch at the Playboy Lounge courtesy of Seacord. I didn't even have enough money to buy a $2 chit book. We can't use MPC in the club. Have to use the chit coupons instead.

Had steak, French fries and spinach for supper at the mess hall today.

We're down to the bottom layer of the last box of Reese cups. Won't be long before they are all gone.

I'm on standby for Da Nang again. Doubt if it will go, but you never know.

Didn't get any mail today. I'll be expecting a bundle tomorrow. And that's the new report for today folks. Be back tomorrow. Same time, same place.


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